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Even though sophisticated CCTV systems provide a very important security, monitoring and even legal functionality, in most cases the end result is expensive onboard closed loop system which is expensive to buy, maintain and dismount. Minibus fleet operators do not often have the space on board the buses for larger video recorders. We can offer a simple solution combining onboard wifi, small IP camera and tracking device which combign can provide the following functionality at the fraction of the cost onboard CCTV solution:


Wifi router

  • Provides video routing for IP Camera
  • Real time video can me monitored in fleet management or back office
  • Provides and onboard WiFi


IP Camera

  • 8-30V current range (cigarette lighter)
  • Available with and without infrared LED for night vision
  • Full HD video with audio
  • MicroSD slot up to 32GB SD cards
  • Easy to mount/dismount


GPS tracker

  • Can provide GPS coordinates for video on screen display (OSD)
  • Depending on tracker, it can also act as an image uploader to server, when not using a WiFi