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We offer a realtime bus ticketing system which is developed for small and medium size bus route operators. Solution is using an easy plug and play hardware with SaaS (Software as a Service) based bus route management. Onboard ticketing POS (Point of Sales) hardware has two options: compact ticket machine and multi-modal tablet based systems (depending on client's end solution). Everything is included in one fixed monthly fee and other plans available.

Real-time bus ticketing system on coach

For bus drivers

  • Ticket system is always operational, even during mobile data  
  • Automatic route tracking and multiple driver comfort functions
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Automatic cash box management
  • Automatic updates
  • Onboard devices are optimized for quick ticket sales
  • Handheld POS systems have long battery life and are easy to charge

For bus company

  • Online route management
  • GPS based route monitor & controlling: timing deviations, onboard passenger count, sales
  • Easy to install all inclusive system: all elements use bus onboard 12V and 24V power (max 2A, using cigarette lighter plugs)
  • Option to fully automate driver cash management
  • Data export and reports in various formats (CSV, XLS, PDF, etc).
  • Comprehensive client card and fare management
  • Supports GTFS based open transit data route updates
  • API for additional functions like direct data interchange with book keeping software, backoffice, client's web page, ect

For passengers, clients and government

  • Fast reporting for clients (fully detailed ticket information)
  • Real time passenger information
  • Reports for local community council and real-time route control fuctionality (depending on client's need)
  • Bus company has an option to give end customer online (limited) access to system
  • Local goverment can have an access to online route monitoring and control module
  • Real time passenger info (RTPI) via API

For more about our bus ticketing, follow the links below. If you're intrested in detailed functionality description, manuals and demos or you have any questions - contact us!