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Our bus ticketing system supports many different fare collection and fare management methods.

Onboard Ticket fare collection options

  • Cash - all our systems support the simpliest way of paying for the fare in cash to the bus driver.
  • Automated fare collection (AFC) - our system supports fully automated fare collection using different types of cards (NFC, RFID, QR-codes, barcode based mobile ticketing). If the ticket is valid and passenger has a right to be on respective route, the fare will be automatically subtracted from the passengers count.
  • Passenger identification based ticketing - mostly used for school or community transport. System collects the passenger information and fares for used routes and bills the school, local community organisation. Same system can be used for company's employees' transport, ect, there the actual service usage reports are needed.
  • Ticket pre-sales - pre-sales are the first fare collection option which requires the separate agent agreement with the client. We offer internet ticket sales on fixed percentange of the sales bases.
  • We can also manage client card designing, printing and coding.

Fare management options

  • On route stop-to-stop fare - most common route fares system, where you can enter the fare matrix from every stop to other stops on the route. System supports round trips.
  • Fixed priced fare - fares such as day ticket, monthly ticket, one trip ticket, which are common on city buses are also supported
  • Other products - in case there are some services, products or something outside of the route fares you need to sell to the passengers, we can handle that too. 

Loyalty card / client card limitations

Card users our system supports various of limitations that can be individually managed for card holder. Here are most common limitation:

  • Bus route - card holder can use the card only on selected route
  • Bus stop - card holder can use the card only from/to selected stops on the route or can ride between selected stops on any route.
  • Date/Time  - card can be used only between stated dates or times (i.e school days)
  • Number of rides - card can be used only selected times in given timeframe
  • Prepaid cash card - card will be used while there is enough money for the fare

Full list of function is avaliable upon request. Everything can be changed according to client's needs.