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Passive GPS tracking system for trailers

Trucks with trailers are the most common way to transport goods. Changeable trailers make it possible to reduce standing time for trucks. If trailers are changed frequently, it is essential to know the location of the trailer when it is not behind the truck. Many GPS based fleet management and GPS tracking systems offer the option to track both truck and trailer movements but with the expense of two separate GPS/GSM-modules make the tracking a costly setup.

Tracekeeper - fleet management system, is a state of the art solution that is designed to track trucks and trailers in one GPS/GSM module. Each trailer already has a passive ID-element, which Tracekeeper utilises and activates when the trailer is connected to the truck and deactivates when the trailer is disconnected from the truck.

Tracekeeper provides great benefits for companies that operate with several trailers; haulage companies, sea container operators, logistics companies. We guarantee that you will have no trouble finding your trailers ever again. 
Key features:
  • Fully automated system for the driver
  • One single GPS/GSM module to track both truck and trailer keeping costs low
  • No additional wiring between truck and trailer required
  • Robust, maintenance free setup
  • Truck and Trailer locations individually tracked
  • Connection status between truck and trailer
  • History of trailer mileage allowing information for service intervals