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We can provide number of ways to one or two-way communication with your fleet drivers. Specal solutions are available on demand.

  • SMS Messaging
    We provide sms service directly from our fleet management system. System is easy to use, SMS will be sent out by our server and driver can reply the same message in which will be delivered on your screen.
  • Garmin Communication
    We can provide multiple Garmin fleet management information (FMI) functions. Sending and recieving the messages, sending work orders to Garmin GPS devices, getting the ETA from Garmin.
  • Remote work order printing
    We can provide different printer, GSM fax, and full confirmation solutions for sending our the work orders to the trucks of other vehicles. No more looking for gas station to or driving a round looking to print out the work order. Also many options don't need the laptop in the vehicle for communication. Send us our problem and we'll work out the solution.