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In our fleet management we can show digital tachograph (VDO DTCO) data online, which gives you a powerful tools for dealing with driver work time management and prepering for work time management ahead. We also provide a solution for downloading the digital tachograph DDD files remotely, which lets you collect the data where ever the vehicles are. Our full realtime digital tachograph solution covers all thing related:

  • Driver's working time history: Remote digi-tacho DDD files download
    We can offer the solution to download digital tachograph DDD files remotely via GSM modem, using special software and digi tacho company card. Using this system you can download the files regardless of the trucks or bus position. The software leaves the mark of the download to the DTCO, so police can confirm that files have been downloaded. DDD files can be stored and analyzed on local computer. 
  • Driver's working time present: Realtime digi-tacho data
    Tracekeeper allows you to see online driver's working time data. We can display driving status, driver ID or name, work time related warings and alerts online. Option is avaliable as an additional to truck and bus tracking service. With additional CAN-BUS parameters, bus route planning or logistics load management system, realtime driver's working time info from digi tacho provides comprehensive overview of the fleet current status.
  • Driver's working time future: Predicting a driver's working time
    Collected online digi-tacho data gives us a possibility to predict driver's working time and help back office to plan futher ahead than 15 minutes, which is the standard digi-tacho pre-alert time. This allows you to manage driver's work flow and this gives a company a possibility to act before the actual work time related problem rises.

Solution requires digital tachograph with minimal firmware version 13.81 with activated remote functionality (K-Line open). You can confirm if your vehicle's DTCO will match the requirement by asking local VDO service or us. Also the firmware version is printed on DTCO technical data printout.